YR one billion investment project for marketing agricultural products [Archives:2004/732/Business & Economy]

April 26 2004

The Thahban Company Ltd. Is preparing to inaugurate in Sana'a the capital the first phase of a project for marketing and exporting agricultural products at a cost amounting to one billion Yemeni riyals. The new market project aims at improving the efficiency of domestic marketing of agricultural products, easing marketing congestions in the capital and exporting the surplus to external markets.
A report by the Yemeni news agency Saba mentioned that the project is to be built on an area of 60 thousand square meters. It is composed of seven hangars built according to technical specifications commensurate with the good display of goods and agricultural products, warehouses and depots for stocking and preserving products and providing 250 offices for trading agencies, in addition to building and utilities for auxiliary services. the project is considered the first of its kind in Yemen and there would be parking lots accommodating 225 cars, a mosque, modern restaurants, communication, faxes and internet services as well as a power station providing full lighting day and night.
Thahban Company is also preparing to implement the second stage of the project on an additional area including of a station for categorization, gradation and packaging of agricultural products, refrigeration stores, a factory for agricultural convertible industries and construction of halls for seasonal agricultural fairs and celebrations.
Director of the project Ahmed Hantal says there would be collecting of various kinds of agricultural products in the market and the work for marketing them internally and externally according to a suitable mechanism depending on scientific and economic methods, keeping the quality of the product and provides suitable profit for the farmers sector in a manner enabling to supplying of products for the local consumer with suitable prices and high quality.
It is expected that the project, in its first phase, would provide more than 30 job opportunities in addition to employment of labour of producers and those benefiting from market services, expected to reach at many hundreds. The project is to meet desires of wholesale and retail sale merchants and serving exportation of agricultural products especially via express air freight.