YR120 million worth projects at Mowaseed Al-Hujareah [Archives:2004/741/Local News]

May 27 2004

Thursday, 20 May 2004, Taiz – Mr. Mohamed Al-Anisi, Under-Secretary of Taiz Governorate, accompanied by Mr. Hussein Hazeh, Director-General of the Education Office, and Sheikh Jaber Ghalib, Head of PGC, Taiz Branch, inaugurated the 70-thousand cubic meters Al-Malees water barrier. The barrier cost 20 million Riyals, and was funded by the state.
They also inaugurated the Bani Jaber electricity project, which consists of a 300 kv generated station, 25km high voltage network, 25 km low voltage network and 25 transformers. The 6.7 million Riyal project will provide electricity for more than 1600 homes.
Then, the three officials attended the inauguration of Bani Jaber School, which was funded by Public Works. A small carnival was held inside the school yard to mark the occasion.