YS & Davis Sues High Ranking Yemeni Officials [Archives:2001/24/Front Page]

June 11 2001

A number of economists have warned the Yemeni government against the carelessness it has been demonstrating towards the contract dispute with the American-based S & Davis company which may lead to heavy losses estimated at tens of millions of dollars.
Former Prime Minister, the political advisor to the President, Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Iryani sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and the Minster of Industry and Trade urging upon implementation of the peaceful solution reached between the Yemeni and American governments. Al-Iryani affirmed Yemen’s weak stand in the case and that it would lose if it breaches the agreement.
The deadline to open a letter of credit for the benefit of the American company is June, 18, 2001, a matter that demands quick action to avoid more complication. The freeze of the American grain aids to Yemen for the last 5 months is said to be an outcome of this dilemma.
Surprisingly, according to American sources, the Yemeni government justified its negligence by denying being the General Corporation for Foreign Trade and Grains, which placed the order, a government organ. S & Davis’ lawyer, Martin L., said in a statement that many high ranking officials will be summoned to court.
The Yemeni cabinet is expected to discuss this case in the coming days so as to reach a solution to the problem that economists say may have a negative impact on Yemen’s image and adversely affected the flow of foreign aids to Yemen.