YSCC Holds Annual Meeting [Archives:2001/48/Local News]

November 26 2001

Yemeni official sources said that Yemeni and Saudi officials agreed that the Yemeni-Saudi Coordination Council (YSCC) will hold its meeting on an annual basis instead of every six months. The sources said this change in the schedule of the YSCC will give its committees a chance to discuss issues of concern to both sides. The YSCC, which was established in the 1970s, used to be held every year, but during the 12th round held last year in Saudi Arabia, both sides agreed that it should be held every six months. The YSCC is a means to strengthen the Yemeni-Saudi relationship and discuss all aspects of cooperation between the two sides. Through this body, the Saudi government has provided Yemen with billions of dollars to boost the development process.

Yemen Seeks International Support to Establish Maritime Patrol Police
Sources said the U.S. is willing to support Yemen in establishing maritime police and to provide it with 15 boats as a start. Saudi Arabia is also offering technical assistance. To this end, Yemen started two weeks ago an air survey for its coasts to find out the monitoring points of the maritime patrol police. It has also started imposing strict security measures around Sana’a and halted the issuance of access visas to Europeans and Americans at airports and other main terminals. Other Arab and Muslim students studying at Yemeni universities have been denied return visas for security reasons. Some of these students refused to leave Yemen for Ramadan vacation, for they are afraid they will not get access visas again. Arab and foreign people residing in Yemen have been given a month’s period to renew their residence visas or register their documents at any police station or passport and visa authority, or else they will be deported.
Yemen has spoken openly about its inability to control the security and that it needs international support, particularly to control its marine and land borders.