YSCP warns of toy guns [Archives:2004/790/Front Page]

November 15 2004

By Fadhl Mansour
For the Yemen Times

In a letter to Minister of Interior, Governors and Heads of Local Councils, theYemen Society for Consumer's Protection warns of the spread of toy guns.
The Yemeni market is flooded with these guns as Eid al-Fitr is nearing.
Officials at the YSCP seize the opportunity to turn the attention toward an important subject regarding everyday life and behavior inside the Yemeni society.
The society keeps on claiming for the restriction of toy guns and spreading awareness among people. Children should not be allowed to have toy guns.
What concerns everyone is that the Yemeni market is flooded with real-like weapons sold in toyshops and junctures, in addition to the firecrackers available in every zone.
The danger of firecrackers is that they make children more aggressive and eager for violence in attempt to imitate the elder people. Children are often found to play with firecrackers at their homes and this in turn causes harm to their safety.
Toy guns are the source of pollution and chaos. Importing them with hard currency badly affects the economy of the country.
The YSCP appreciates if the concerned parties would stop importing these articles as well as to prohibit selling them in the market for the sake of public interest.