YSP calls for political system reform [Archives:2005/865/Front Page]

August 4 2005

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
SANA'A- The Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) concluded on Monday August 1 its fifth conference and enhanced its success by electing Dr. Yasin Sa'eed N'oman, Secretary-General of the party to succeed Ali Saleh Obad who stayed in the post for 11 years.

Dr. Saif Sail was elected Deputy Secretary General of the party and 2,000 male and female representatives were elected for the party's new central committee, which is made up of 301 members from among 514 racers. Additionally, there was the formation of the party's political office and general secretariat.

Dr. Yasin Sa'eed N'oman won the majority of votes in a democratic poll. N'oman is considered one of the prominent political intellectuals in Yemen, was born in 1946 and occupied several posts before and after the Re-unification. He was appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Fisheries in South Yemen before Re-unification and then Prime Minister.

After achieving the national unity, he was inaugurated a speaker for the first parliament in country and was among those who fled the country during 1994 war. In September 2003, he returned home.

The concluding statement of the party stressed on maintaining the national unity and removing any negative traces left after 1994 war, considering it an important approach to reforming the political system.

The YSP demanded judiciary to be independent and updated, and called for banning use of public money by the ruling party and dismissing the Ministry of Information with the intention of making a political system to impose status of the law and ensure rights and public freedoms. It also urged for having local governance with broader authorities starting with amendment of the current law.

The party emphasized his support for the joint meeting in different social and political issues to help the opposition play an effective role in tackling issues of citizens and defending rights and freedoms. The party's statement stressed on the necessity of making available a plan for economic reform to concentrate on eradicating corruption, conducting a scientific study on size and diversity of national resources and applying it according to complete scientific steps.

The statement issued by the party urged for showing the public opinion inside and outside Yemen Jarallah Omar's assassination case due to the intentional play practiced on the case. It emphasized activating the principle of positive discrimination in favor of women affiliating to the party to enable them raise the level of participation in the party's conferences and other events.

Political arenas hailed the win of Dr. Yasin Sa'eed No'man and expected him to open a new page for the political work.

Winning the election, Dr. N'oman said in his first release that keeping in touch with other opposition parties, maintaining the experience of Joint meeting parties and dialoging with all the political forces including the ruling party are top priorities in his agenda. The political life in Yemen, he added, varies due to the expansion of the scope of dialogue.

Dr. Abdulkarim al-Eriani, Secretary General of the ruling People's General Congress told the win of Dr. N'oman is a positive indicator, and this will encourage the party to activate its political participation and enhance the dialogue language.

Al-Eriani ascertained that Dr. Yasin N'oman is a wise man, has political experience and is expected to show a direct contribution to enriching the political life and supporting the democratic system.

Yemeni party experts asserted the YSP will benefit from Dr. Yasin N'oman who will lead it during a crucial period of time in the political differences.