YSP warns against new reform dose [Archives:2005/803/Local News]

January 3 2005

The Central Committee of Yemen Socialist Party (YSP) has warned against the government's insistence on implementing the new economic dose and lifting its subsidies over oil products that is being discussed in the parliament. They say that the impact of this would be too harmful on people's lives

The committee stressed its rejection of the dose calling upon the parliament, political parties, nongovernmental organizations and people to reject this dose and cancel it democratically. They argue that the solution to the economic crisis should not be at the expense of poor people and that new economic policies are required to fight corruption, theft, tax evasion, and improve the national economy.

The committee also discussed “the ongoing limitations against freedoms and democratic margin, the successive deterioration of the people's living standards, the increase of poverty and unemployment, the decrease of services such as electricity, water, education, and health.”

They issued a pamphlet calling for the removal of the consequences of the 1994 war as well as the previous political struggles in order to strengthen national unification and the democratic transition.