YSP warns of new assassinations [Archives:2003/02/Local News]

January 13 2003

The Yemen Socialist Party (YSP) warned last Monday that new assassinations of its members are expected and demanded in a statement to the prosecutor to allow the party to participate in the investigations and be notified of any further plans that might target its leaders. The party said in its statement to Prosecutor Abdulla Al-Olofi that Jarallah Omer, the Deputy Secretary General of the YSP, who was assassinated on the 28th of last month was one person in a long list of targets, headed by Mr. Ali Saleh Obad Muqbil the General Secretary of the party.
This statement was distributed to media agency and journalists and it also declared that the authorities possess voice recordings of the criminal threatening to assassinate Jarallah Omar two years ago, and the party demanded obtaining copies of those recordings.
The statement voiced that only the criminal was arrested and so his partners and allies still wander freely and their terrorist network could easily take action at any moment.
The YSP urged the General Prosecutor to refer the case to the general attorney before closing the investigations so as not to give any chance to the terrorists to continue implementing their criminal plans against the society in general and the YSP in particular.
The party had earlier declared that 100 members of the party have already been assassinated since unity in 1990 and until 1994. Whereas the government declared last week that the assassination of Jar Allah Omar and the three American doctors was incorporated in a large-scale terrorist planning by a terrorist group that targets foreigners and political figures or whoever they see as a threat to their fundamentalist beliefs.