YT PERSON OF THE YEAR 1999 Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf [Archives:2000/01/Front Page]

January 3 2000

We have been overwhelmed by the number of nominations for Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf (1951-1999) as person of the year. More than 90% of our readers nominated him. The readers said it all; “Not only is he the person of the year, but the person of the decade.” Hence, we also decided to declare this man the YT person of the decade. Dr. Saqqaf’s invaluable contributions to his country cannot be covered in one issue, but we will attempt to summarize his CV, contributions to his country, and people’s opinions of him in 2 pages. Dr. Saqqaf has received nominations in previous years for this award, but as the organizer of the award he refused to accept any nominations. However, now that he is gone, and the percentages in his favor are so high, we had to accept the nominations, which resulted in choosing him as the person of the year.
See pages 5 and 11 to know why Dr. Saqqaf has been chosen as the person of the year 1999. More On
Others who got significant number of votes were:
Dr. Faraj bin Ghanem, Dr. Abdulwali Nasher, Amat Al-Aleem Al-Sosowa, Dr. Hassan Qassim Khan, Sheik Abdullah Hussein Al-Ahmar, and tens of other celebrities.