YT Person of the Year 2001 HUSSEIN AL-AWADI [Archives:2001/01/Front Page]

December 31 2001

You can always come to my office which will be open all the time. I hate bureaucracy, and want to break all barriers between us. This is what Mr. Hussein al-Awadi told the Editor-in-Chief of the Yemen Times just as he started his post as the Minister of Information on April 2001.
No one was sure whether the new minister would fulfill his promise, especially that many other ministers said the same thing before, but once they were at their offices, they forgot all their promises making it very difficult to contact them at any time.
However, Mr. al-Awadi proved all expectations wrong. He did open his office when he became the minister and he continues to do so for all journalists and, on many occasions, for regular people. Not only has he been able to maintain his humble and open-minded image, but has also been successful in slowly imposing this image on his staff and employees.
Today, the Ministry of Information is among the very few ministries where there is little bureaucracy. The Minister has shown that he always has time to listen to and assist journalists and media people. Although choosing Mr. al-Awadi was not based on this alone, his humbleness was enough to have most of the votes of the journalistic community given to him.
We could not find a better personality to chose, said Editor-in-Chief of the Yemen Times, Walid Al-Saqqaf commenting on the selection of al-Awadi.
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