YTS condemns al-Hubaishi kidnapping [Archives:2004/780/Local News]

October 11 2004

Yemeni Teachers Syndicate (YTS) condemned kidnapping of teacher Abdulkareem al-Hubaishi by soldiers last Monday.
“Abdulkareem al-Hubaishi was kidnapped by 7 soldiers on Monday October 4th 2004 in front of his friends while he was leaving the private school he works for in Ma'een area. The soldiers led him to a car belonging to the army, threatening his friends not to approach,” said a reliable source at YTS.
“YTS strongly condemns the kidnapping the aforementioned in a way that infringes the law and constitution,” he added.
The source concluded his statement saying: “YTS demands the quick release of al-Hubaishi and the punishment of the perpetrators; it also calls on Human Rights and Public Organizations to denounce this illegal act and to stand against violations of the democratic precept.”
It is worth mentioning that teacher al-Hubaishi was an active student leader in the Faculty of Education, Sana'a University, before his graduation last year.