YTS general conference [Archives:2003/669/Local News]

September 18 2003

Under auspices of Sheik Abduallah Bin Hussein Al-Ahmer, parliament speaker, Yemeni Teachers Syndicate (YTS) held at officers club its two-day fourth general conference on Thursday 11 September entitled “For protecting rights and developing services”.
A number of officials, party leaderships, personalities and civil society organizations representatives attended the conference.
Sheik AL-Ahmer praised the YTS regulation in holding its conference and adopting the democratic approach, assuring the importance of being in a union that expresses the will of employees of the educational sector.
Mr. Abduallah Mohammed Abu al-Ghyiath, the former chairman of YTS, displayed the most important activities the syndicate had achieved in spite of difficulties and obstacles it had faced. He also pinpointed the deteriorating situation of education, demanding for protection of the coming generations.
Mr. Abu al-Ghyiath submitted his resignation and then Mr. Ahmed was elected instead of him, as the system of the YTS does not allow anyone to be nominated more than two terms.