YTS resort to judiciary [Archives:2005/837/Local News]

April 28 2005

SANA'A- April 20- Yemen Times – The Yemeni Teachers Syndicate (YTS) expressed its strong denunciation of the statement issued against it by the so-called the Teaching and Educational Professions Syndicate (TEPS) accusing it of treachery and other charges.

The press release issued by the YTS mentioned that the leadership of the syndicate strongly opposed such a statement be longing to the TEPS and was published in Minber al-Shura Newspaper on April 24. It also denied all the charges contained in the statement.

The press release emphasized that when the YTS reacted to the accusations alleged by Dr. Abdulakarim, Secretary General of PGC, against the syndicate and were published in PGC-affiliated media means such as al-Mu'tamar Net, al-Mithaq, May22 and al-Maseela Newspapers.

These media means are said to practice violations and breaches against human rights as well as press laws. The YTS favored to not respond to the statement of the Head of the PGC Political Department and what has been published in al-Mu'tamar Net on April 20.

People at the YTS described the statement as using uncultivated language and publishing false information that harms teachers and their respected profession.

The YTS threatened to resort to judiciary unless these media institutions apologized publicly for the false information published by them against teachers.