Zabid’s conference wraps up [Archives:2002/52/Local News]

December 23 2002

HODIEDAH – Organized by the Arts Faculty, the 1st Scientific Conference on Zabeed concluded last Tuesday at the Hodiedah University.
It was held from December 14 to 17 under to look at Zabid’s links with the Islamic and Arabic world.
Participants came up with the following recommendations:
-Establish a manuscript center in Zabeed, classifying it, renewing and indexing them among the Arab and Islamic research centers.
-Create an Internet website for Zabeed, the historical city.
-Establish higher studies section entrusted with analyzing the Yemeni heritage.
-Put emphasis on the significance to preserve the City of Zabeed and its architectural designs.
-Establish the Islamic architecture section in the Engineering faculty and teach the Islamic City as one of the subjects in history departments.
– Record Zabid’s history, its scientific and cultural heritage.
-Have a National Day for reviving cultural activities and tourist interests of the historical cities.
Zabid has been included in the World Heritage List by the UNISCO in 1993.
But due to the constant ignorance of the city it has been also threatened to be exluded from the brick-walled city of narrow, winding streets with over 200 mosques.
It was a flourishing theological town and the center for material dyeing and weaving.
It was also a center for military and political control of the region.
It contains many buildings that are a witness to this great past.