Zahrat Al-Zanbaq: A Journey to the World of Beauty [Archives:2000/13/Culture]

March 27 2000

Some people waste their time thinking how to acquire choicest gifts and present these to their special friends, but some people go directly to Zahrat Al-Zanbaq and stuff themselves with gift articles of their choice.
At Zahrat Al-Zanbaq you will find whatever you cannot imagine, your eyes will be dazzled by different kinds of gifts, flowers, and car decoration articles. You will feel that the real nature with all versatile diversity is at your fingertips. You may be astonished when you get in for the first time to find warm service, as you never came across before. What is more you will struck by the geniality of the manager of Zahrat Al-Zanbaq, Mr. Munir Al-Kahely, a 30 year-old, graduate from the Department of English, who is smilingly to oblige with you whatever you want. This pleasant and dynamic gentleman has invested his time to put up a full showroom of flowers, gifts, and car decoration all under one roof.
He is very glad to offer warm service to his customers in his showroom which is unique and rare to find elsewhere. He could achieve that degree of professionalism by dint of ambition coupled with grit.
Zahrat Al-Zanbaq is six years old. Six other professionals engaged in the establishment furthering the objective of warm friendly nests in commercial enterprise. They please their customers by treating them warmly in this beautiful showroom.
Munir Al-Kahely was born on November 5, 1970. He has B.A Degree in English literature, and a Diploma in Computer science. He is married and has a cute child named Ahmed. He gave him this name as a token of tribute to his close friend Ahmed Hussein Al-Maqdami.
With Munir Alkahely, who guides you between flowers and gifts, you will continue to remember those unforgettable moments forever.
Munir Al-Kahely presents every kind of gifts and flowers. You do not have to travel to Dubai, Saudi, Egypt, Syria or even to the Great Wall of China. All of the antiquities and flowers of those countries are available at Zahrat Al-Zanbaq.
Many conferences, seminars, and official receptions get their flora requirement from Zahrat Al-Zanbaq. In addition, Zahrat Al-Zanbaq house the facility for home delivery on wedding similar occasions.
Munir Al-Kahely proudly says: ” I am the General Manager of Zahrat Al-Zanbaq Showroom; I have the ambition to please my customers and offer warm service to them. In fact I am lucky to get warm of my customers for the quality and the material and services offered to them. He concludes. He concludes: I am confident that we will continue to render our best services to our clientele and even if we are not alone, we shall strive to be the best”.
YT: What is your future plans?
Munir: We have a future plan to set up our units in different governorates and expand our activities. In the foreseeable future, we will open a new branch in Aden and three branches in different locations in Sana’a.
YT: Which sections of the society are your customers largely from?
Munir: Our customers are often high society. Our clients include Yemenis Arabs and foreigners. They are always in touch with us to get whatever they need with regard to new gifts and different kinds of flowers, but the big sizeable section of our customers are from segment of university students who constitute nearly 60% of our total clientele.
Now, dear customer, you would have unfailingly realized that with Munir Al-Kahely you will fail to get your favorite and attractive gifts that you may present to all kinds of people irrespective whether he is a patient or bridegroom? Why do you try Zahrat AlZanbaq to see the fascinating world of flowers and gifts?
Be sure that wherever you are, we are also there.
Zahrat Al-Zanbaq
Tel: 967-1-248053, Sana’a, Hadda St.
Pager: 5805119
P.O.Box: 18221
–mail: alZanbaq @ yahoo. Com.
Director: Munir Alkahely