Zindani Opposes Handing Over Yemeni Citizens to Foreign Countries [Archives:2001/46/Front Page]

November 12 2001

Sheikh Abdulamjeed al-Zindani, Chairman of the Islah Shora Council and Director of Eman University, stressed the importance of referring an agreement of Yemen-US cooperation in fighting terrorism to the Parliament and the Shora Council. In last Friday prayers, al-Zindani said that no Yemeni, including the President himself, will allow the hand-over of Yemeni citizens to foreign countries. Abdulamjeed al-Zindani stated that the Parliament had earlier warned against excessive cooperation with the US against Arab and Islamic countries.
Al-Zindani also pointed out the prohibition of any kind of military or intelligence cooperation with the United States or any other countries in their war against so-called terrorism. “Yemeni officials and people have safeguarded the sovereignty of their country and called for raising money for the Afghan people,” Zindani added. Political observers considered these statements by Zindani as reactions to the US proposal for which a committee has been established in order to study and respond to it.