Zindani Prohibited from Leaving the Country, and Sahwa Attacks YSP [Archives:2000/31/Front Page]

July 31 2000

Tension between official media, controlled by the PGC, and that of the Yemeni Congregation for reform (Islah) is still a beast in the bay.
In new developments in the official campaign against Al-Zindani, the Ministry of Information asked last Wednesday forbidding him from leaving the country until he is brought before court for the complaint raised against him by the Ministry staff.
According to official sources, a number of cooperative societies are planning to raise a case against Al-Zindani for illegally seizing land pieces surrounding Al-Eiman University and making them part of the university. The attorney general has referred the complaint of the Ministry to the West Secretariat Capital Prosecution which is expected to summon Al-Zindani for interrogations in two days, informed sources said.
Sheikh Al-Zindani is presently the head of Al-Shoura Council for the Islah party and President of Al-Eiman University. During 1993-1994 he was a member of the Presidency Council. His relations with the government worsened after the ejection of the Islah from the ruling coalition in 1997. He started criticizing the government openly for normalization with Israel. This was followed be his refusal to take part in the latest presidential election last December. Away from exchanging accusations with the PGC newspapers, Al-Sahwa began last week to involve the Yemeni Socialist Party (YSP) as part of leaders of the campaign against Islah. Sources close to the two conflicting parties expect conflicts to reach climax in nearby future. Political observers have noticed the absence of leaders of the two parties, President Saleh and Sheikh Al-Ahmar in the conflict.
In his speech delivered before students of Al-Eiman University two weeks ago, Zindani attacked journalists and the government for keeping silent against what he called as abusing God’s identity.
On the other hand, Minister of information, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Akoa criticized Al-Zindani last Monday in his meeting with journalists. The Yemen Times has met with a number of journalists and politicians and asked about their opinion in connection with the conflict between the two parties.
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