Zinni and Franks in Sanaa [Archives:2002/07/Front Page]

February 11 2002

Official sources say General Antony Zinni, former Commander-in-Chief of the US Military Central Command and US envoy to the Middle East, is expected to visit Yemen soon.
Zinni is to discuss with Yemeni officials bilateral relations and cooperation in fighting terrorism. He is also to highlight the US efforts to restore peace to the Middle East, bringing back both the Israelis and Palestinians to negotiations.
Meanwhile, General Tommy Franks, Commander in-Chief of the US Military Central Command, arrived in Sanaa yesterday. Hes to discuss military cooperation between Yemen and the USA, and a coast guard to stop terrorists flowing into Yemen.
A US team visited Yemen last week for this reason. The team toured different coastal areas to see what Yemen needs to do to patrol its long coast.