Zionist Arithmetic, 1 = 40 [Archives:2001/44/Focus]

October 22 2001

By: Hassan Al-Haifi
No one was happier to see the former Israeli hard-line Minister of Tourism dead than Ariel Sharon! He desperately needed some excuse to carry on quenching his thirst for blood and to tell the world that it can cry about terrorism all it wants to, but Israeli terrorism is here to stay. Surely had the Israeli minister not died something else would have come up as an excuse for Sharon to unleash his butchers on the Palestinians, shooting left and right at anything Palestinian that moves. Of course, he knew that this was simply not the right way to behave, when his best allies are telling him, look Ariel calm down, we have other business to tend to. Rather than understand his allies’ predicament, he goes on to say that he is just doing exactly what they are doing in Afghanistan, only that he is doing it better than they are in Palestine, thanks to the experience he has had in spilling Palestinian blood everywhere he can find it and at every opportunity.
Yes, the bloodshed is proceeding at high speed in the Holy Land and no one seems to able to understand how to stop it, not even Israel’s strongest allies and main backers can tone down the thirst for Palestinian blood that Ariel Sharon has, nor the fact that he is now an internationally declared criminal against humanity. He is still thinking that the American Zionist lobby can handle the American Administration, and that Anthrax is more of a worry to Mr. George Bush than the normal business that Israel is conducting in Palestine, as far as Ariel Sharon sees it. One must admit that Sharon has a lot of nerve, or that he is confident that what Mr. Bush and Mr. Powell and Mr. Blair are saying are merely empty words that are meant to buy time for the continuation of the “coalition”, while the Afghans continue to suffer in a more dramatic way, all in the name of fighting terror.
This observer thinks that the word terror has been so overplayed that it is no longer meant to mean exactly what it should imply. Terror can only be terror if it comes with a Moslem accent, in Sharon’s dictionary and he is insistent on trying to make Israel the vanguard of the fight against Islamic terror as the West now seems to understand it, notwithstanding all the lip service being pronounced on the international media and all the nicely drawn leaflets being thrown out of the C-130 planes preceding the F-16s and Stealth and B-52s that are knocking down the remaining mud walls in Afghanistan and the hundreds of civilians, who have never even heard of the World Trade Center, let alone know where it is.
The same seems to apply to the Palestinians, only the Palestinians know who the Israeli Tourism Minister was, and his unabashed record of hatred for Palestinians, backed by a distinguished military record of killing many Palestinians by his own hand. The arithmetic here is far different in many respects. The Palestine Liberation Organization and the many Palestinian organizations that exist, including the Palestine Front for the Liberation of Palestine were not born out of a mere desire to kill for the sake of killing, as the Zionist propaganda machine likes to make them out to be. These organizations were born out of suffering that human history has not seen since the concentration camps of the Nazis. In fact the West Bank and Gaza are no more than giant concentration camps, with the Palestinians being subjected to a continuous barrage of death raids unleashed by the offshoots of the Haganah, Stern and Irgun gangs that were killing Palestinians left and right for close to 30 years before the British found themselves unable to control the very baby they gave birth to in 1947. Yet that is called nationalism and the murder gangs mentioned are put up as freedom fighters. What a farce! The Palestinians have lost their land, their homes, their churches, their mosques and even their olive trees at the hands of the worst organized terrorism history has ever known, but the Western media continues to picture this terrorism as self defense!
In the Holy Land, semantics has been turned to mean that words and ideas should have the opposite meaning they imply. Sharon is viewed as a national hero, while Yassir Arafat is viewed as a terrorist. The aggressor is a hero and the vanquished is the criminal. The use of guns, helicopters, tanks, and just about every killing tool is perfectly permissible against a people doing no more than shouting and hurling stones, because that is in self defense. What a mockery of the sense of justice that the West is now declaring it intends to see done in the Middle East!
One Israeli demagogue dies in a mysterious plot that brings about a lot of questions, in the smooth way it was undertaken. Note that the killing was done in the heart of the citadel that Israel purports to be and note that the killing was almost allowed to occur, as if the Israelis had in fact invited the Minister’s killers to carry out the assassination and let them easily get away.. Of course, the Israeli killing of the PFLP leader a few months ago was no more than anti-terrorism, whereas the killing of a man with open hatred for the Palestinians is viewed as murder, although the Israelis, in all likelihood sanctioned it. The Zionist dogma has no qualms about stating that the ends justify the means. If the killing of the Tourism Minister means we can get 50 Palestinians killed and destroy so many villages along the way, in an effort to “smoke out the killers”, to use the phrase of Mr. Bush on the Afghani campaign. For now, Israel is borrowing the slogans of the coalition to show that it is an active member of the coalition, although no one even invited them to join the coalition, just so Israel does not get carried away with its thirst for blood in the name of the Coalition. But Israel has forced itself into it, in making it clear that the Coalition was created for Israel to find international legitimacy for carrying on with its thirst for blood.
We are not sure, but it is clear that the Americans will have to make do on dismissing their policy of bias and uneven treatment of the factions in the Middle East. It is time that Israel realizes that it is becoming a menace to world peace and international stability and indeed is producing the right climate for breeding terrorism, which to a large extent, may have its justifications, as Sharon’s own brand of terrorism has clearly shown. The arithmetic tells it all.