109 Death Cases [Archives:2000/45/Local News]

November 6 2000

Health Minister announced Tuesday that 109 people were reported to have died of the Rift Valley Fever. He said that the epidemic was subsiding in Wadi Moor and Al-Zahra – Hodiedah and in Aslam Al-Malaheedh in Sada and Al-Mahweet.
The YT source said that 2742 animals died because of the epidemic and miscarriage cases among animals were 11,000.
On Wednesday, The Joint Operation Room for fighting the Rift Valley Fever virus started carrying out two field surveys in Tehama, Mareb and Taiz to estimate the spread range of the disease.
An informed source at the Ministry of Agriculture said that a team of veterinarians had started moving to Wadi Moor in Tehama to assess outcomes that resulted from both ministries efforts in fighting the epidemic. The source has said that information indicates that the disease is diminishing noticeably in the valley. The source has also mentioned that the second field survey regarding the animal sector would include areas in Tehama, Taiz and Ibb as a preventive measure as there is no infected case reported until now.
The Yemeni government called for the necessity for coordination and cooperation between both Ministries of Health and Agriculture in Yemen and Saudi Arabia to fight the epidemic, Malaria and other diseases that spread largely during this year in areas nearby Yemeni-Saudi borders.