10th International Family Year marked [Archives:2005/848/Local News]

June 6 2005

Under the patronage of Mr. Abdualkareem al-Arhabi, the minister of social affairs and labor-the deputy of the Higher Council for Motherhood & Childhood, the technical department of the Higher Council for motherhood & Childhood organized on Wednesday 25th May a celebration on the occasion of wrapping up the activities of the 10th International family year as well as to honor the preliminary committee of Family.

Mr. Ali Saleh Abduallah, the deputy of the ministry of social affairs and labor, along with Dr. Nafessa AL-Jaefi, the general-secretary of the Higher Council for Motherhood and Childhood, inaugurated the ceremony.

Dr. Nafesa in her opening speech stressed on the importance of the family in the individual life as it is the oldest institution in the society. For the family's crucial role, it has had the attention of the international and Arabic world for the last decades as it is the core of any society. To create educated generations who know their duties and rights and how to deal with all the things around them, family should be aware about the firm principles, changes, and be informative with what is necessary for building healthy citizens. So we take this opportunity to let the family know its role in development and how to participate in preparing the programs, plans and strategies that protect it and enhance its role in building societies.

She talked about the international year of family and its goals in raising awareness about family issues among the governments and decision-makers and showing its essential functions and role and the difficulties that affect it.

Mr. Saleh Abduallah also pointed out to the importance of mutual cooperation between the governmental and non-governmental institutions in evolving the family issues either regionally or internationally.

At the end of the celebration the preparatory committee members were handed certificates.