13-year unsettled case appeals to president [Archives:2003/677/Local News]

October 16 2003

Abdo Moqbil Al-Sabiri
Yemen Times has received a petition letter last week lodged by Sheik Mahmoud Abdullah Othman, the owner of the Alsobei Int’l. Corp. for Travel, Tourism, Hajj, Omrah & General Trading appealing to the president of the republic to secure justice for his 13-year-long unsettled case.
Final valid decisions have been issued in favor of his case including the delivery of what has been plundered from his house by his wife and her family. All those decisions have been issued by the Supreme Court, but nothing has been yet settled.
“The court of the first instance in Taiz has committed a crime because the court has pronounced a sentence in favor of the opponents. Apart of what has been plundered is given to my opponents and this has been issued by the court,” the petition said.
“This is not only enough, the judge of the same court issued a decision demanding a dowry of the wife whom she just lived one week with her husband. As an accomplice of her family, the wife stole everything from the house with an intention to kill me while I was praying in the mosque,” the petition added.
The judge pronounced the decision with a prejudice in favour of the opponents including issuing a decision to close down the Alsobei Int’l. Corp.
With his orders, he also terrified the employees working for the corporation. “Such procedures have caused tremendous financial losses estimated at YR 500.000 every day,” the petition said.
The Shiekh Mahmoud has petitioned to the president, HE. Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Justice Minister to the following:
– Orders should be given to set up a committee to evaluate the losses of the institution, which has been estimated at tens of millions, and every day the losses increase due to its closure. What has been demanded by the judge to implement an impugned decision is actually fabricated by the same court against carrying out what the opponents should fulfill.
– The judge has to be held accountable to what he has issued against the investment establishment. This has taken in a time when the president of the republic has urged all local as well as foreign investors to invest in the country peacefully without causing panic or instability. This is because such behavior will at length harm the national economy and Yemen’s safety. “We have been seeking to promote Yemen’s standard and not to destroy the economy and encourage corruption,” the petition added.
– Strict measures have to be taken against anyone who harms the national economy or terrifies investment and investors. The judiciary system is considered to be the central core for protecting investment and investors.