#2 of a series Career Women Dealing with the Public [Archives:1999/18/Reportage]

May 3 1999

Name : Amani Hussein 
Job Title: Lawyer 
Being a lawyer I have faced many obstacles at the beginning of my career because a woman was not preferred to participate as a lawyer in our society, but now it’s becoming natural to our society because of the performances and achievements that woman had shown, proving that she could perform as well as men can, and I would like to thank god because at the moment I don’t face any obstacles in my work. 
I can see also, that my society is benefiting from my participation as a lawyer, I keep on helping the innocent people in the society and try to solve their problems as by doing so I have benefited from the job and my Society also benefited from my participation, which I think that our society is proud of. 
Concerning how I spend my salary, I spend it in proving my mother, personal expenses and some times participate when there is a need at home and concerning the home expenses I think that my husband should adopt the major expenses at home. Thank god that I don’t face any obstacles but on the contrary my mother and husband helps me and keeps on encouraging me. I have been working since the past eight years and hope that I could achieve more progress at my work and in the society. 
Before becoming a Lawyer I have worked in various places; I worked in journalism, as an executive manager in Bara Center for advertisement, in Al-Afaak for printing and publishing, in Al-Thawabet Magazine and in the 14th of October News Paper, at the mean time I am employed general council of the pensions and social securities. 
Name : Latifa Ahmed Khamis 
Job Title: Section Manager 
Usually when a person is out of home faces lots of things, one of which is being employed I have faced lots of obstacles either at work or with other people the main point is how to face and over come these obstacles, thank god that we are getting high appreciation from our society because of our performance and as we are heading towards the 21st century we can observe the acceptation of woman in the western society and their work is accepted with appreciation and respection and that she is productive same as man, she might not be more productive because she’s having more responsibilities than Man. 
Concerning the salary payments of course the expenses will be different though the salary will be distributed in which the large sum will be spend on the life’s need but at the same time there are some personal expenses that’s why I will have to spend the money according to the salary which too small. 
Thank God that I don’t face any difficulties in my work and home because of a very simple reason and it’s organizing my time according to the needs of my family and work in such a way that there is no negligence in any of this and my love to my duty makes me overcome these obstacles. 
I have been working here for four years and I hope to continue for 100 years, if health is there’s we will work faithfully. 
I was employed as a secretary in the Embassy of Kuwait, the Tax Authority as a secretary and Industrial Bank in the Development Unit of Small Industries. 
By: Ahlam Al-Muthwakil