22_May [Archives:2004/773/Press Review]

September 16 2004

9 Sept. 2004
Main headlines
– In the popular festival for inaugurating the revolution days celebrations, the president: The wheel of history would not turn back
– GPC's parliamentary bloc warns some leaders of the YSP against involving their party in stances against the revolution
– The president did not meet a delegation representing the Liberation Party to discuss a scheme for establishment of Islamic caliphate
The newspaper's political editor says in his article that it is wrong to say that those who practice corruption are only some officials from members of the General People's Congress who do not respect the public posts because there are leading members and prominent cadres affiliate of JMP organisations are present in most of the state establishments and practice corruption. The constitution and law guarantee that state positions are neutral and political pluralism permits assuming such posts by members from other political parties.
There is no exaggeration in saying that there is a horrible record on corruption of the JMP and those who are influential in the parties. Those influential persons are used to talk day and night about corruption while they are themselves the corrupt in their bahviour and practices. The opposition is no doubt a support for the authority and means sense of responsibility and obligation in respecting the law. He is mistaken whoever think that opposition means opposition of everything or falsification of facts or violation of the constitution and the law.