22_May [Archives:2004/799/Press Review]

December 16 2004

9 Dece.2004
Main headlines
– Justice Minister: The strategy for modernization of judiciary to be implemented next month
– Planning minister Soufan: We are committed to carrying out goals of the millennium
– Parliament questions deputy minister of works and postpones discussion of the State's final accountancy
– Strict measures to limit entering of expired insecticides and fertilizers and organization of continued inspection campaigns to seize violators

Columnist Iskandar al-Asbahi wrote an article saying at the time it is intended for spoliating the Arab Homeland, the intra-Arab dialogue becomes more than we are in need of; a dialogue to start by intelligentsia and thinkers. The intellectual dialogue would constitute an introduction to political dialogue and prepare the road for dialogue among leaders and rulers.
The challenges the Arab nation is facing imposes on it to find out and reach a joint Arab ideology, a new Arab thought capable of understanding and dealing with changeables of the time and its challenges as well as preserving the identity and active presence in the Arab and international arena. We want a new style for the Arab joint action, new in the way of thinking for our Arab institutions are still following a style of consultation. We need it to be procedural, think and act.
The Arab-Arab dialogue is not a luxury; it is a life necessity of the nation that is threatened to be taken out of history. The Arab thought is well capable of dialogue with the self and with others and capable of renewal and development.