22_May [Archives:2005/896/Press Review]

November 21 2005

10 Nov. 2005
Main headlines

– YSP reject the court's decision, Qahtan supports trial of Islah leaderships and al-Shami: no place for bidding

– Ship retained at Hudeidah port under suspicion of birdflu

– Safer operates oil sector 18 with Yemeni cadres, succeeding HUNT

– Yemeni-American summit discussing security cooperation, fighting terror and Yemenis in Guantanamo

– Yemen condemns the terrorist act targeting number of hotels in Jordanian capital Amman

– After the presidential pardon decision, Sana'a Cell before the criminal court

– With a capacity of 70 tons a year, the iron and steel factory in Aden's industrial zone begins operation

Abdulkarim al-Khamisi writes an article in which he mentions if we want America to be satisfied with us, put us on the list of democratic and civilized countries, helps us to join the WTO, opens for us doors of the World Bank, considers us among its best friends, encourages the international community to support our economy and market out products and meets our military needs, we have to abandon our national constants and principles. We have to cancel Ramadan from the Hegira calendar and to take the initiative to recognize the Zionist entity and normalize our relations with it without conditions. If we have done so then we have he right to fill our prisons with opponents, declare a state of emergency, abolish the local administration system, close down the constitutional councils and send civil society organizations to pension and to consider democracy a demonic act. There and then only, America would be satisfied with us and grant prize of peace.

The question is how can we appease America without squandering our constants? How can we preserve our status in the international community without losing our original values and independent decision? I personally believe that the solution is to unite and enhance our national unity and social peace. We have to straighten our relationship with to political pluralism as a means for competition for serving the nation and rectify our understanding of freedom as a means for construction and ethical responsibility. We have to correct our understanding of majority as n authorization to rule with justice and decency and safeguarding the tyrannized. We have to broaden popular participation in decision making straightening the course and then hold compatibility between friendship with America and the masses support.