25 Sentenced to Death for Banditry [Archives:2001/01/Local News]

December 31 2001

The Penal Court of Sana’a last Wednesday sentenced 24 members of a 42-member gang to death for acts of murder, banditry and other sorts of crimes. Three persons were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, a person to 4 years in jail while another defendant to eight years. Eleven members of the ring were acquitted because of lack of enough evidence.
The gang which includes members below 18 years has been carrying out several criminal acts since 1990, claiming the lives of 16 persons. The defendants all appealed the verdict.
The court also sentenced Ahsan Hussien al-Mawj to death for robbing Yahia al-Hamzi and his wife. The police is also trying to hunt down Bakel Abdullah for taking part in the same banditry five months ago in Harf Sefian in Saddah governorate.