26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 13-8-98. [Archives:1998/33/Press Review]

August 17 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces)   Main Headline:
1- The President telephones Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah to inquire about King Fahad’s health following a gall-bladder surgery.
2- The Council of Ministers ratifies a draft law to regulate mass rallies and demonstrations.
3- Minister of Oil: “150 local and international oil companies will take part in the oil and gas conference in Sanaa next September.”
4- Minister of Industry: “A special ministerial committee is formed to look into local industry problems.”5- Minister of Agriculture: “Loans totaling YR 1.5 billion were given to farmers and rural women projects during 1997.”
Article Summary:
Iryani’s Government – By Anas A. Al-Malahi
Despite the intensive attack against the new government and the doubts expressed about its competence, it has been able to prove itself. What has been achieved during the last few months by way of reform cannot be refuted.
Dr. Irayni has a vast experience, both in politics and economics, which has ruled out failure. All aspects of life – political, economic and social – are being reformed. A special strategy projecting Yemen’s development to the year 2020 has been formulated.