26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 14-5-98. [Archives:1998/20/Press Review]

May 18 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces)   Main Headline:
1- Meeting the NDI delegation, the President welcomes holding a summit conference for burgeoning democracies in Yemen.
2- The President: “Yemeni-Omani relations are strong and advanced, there is no tension between the two countries, whatever.”
3- Parliament stresses the need to swiftly issue a law for the public sanitation fund, and improve public hygiene in the capital.
4- The Council of Minister ratifies a project to modernize & develop the Aden refinery with the participation of new investors.
5- Yemeni military attach in Washington meets the US Defense Secretary and other officials.
6- A technical US team arrives in Sanaa to assist in the demining efforts.
Article Summary:
Reforms: a national necessity – editorial
Since the actual launch of the reform program in March, 1995, a lot of progress has been achieved. Inflation is brought down considerably, and the national currency is now stable against the US dollar and other major currencies. This has raised confidence in the Yemeni economy among donor countries and organizations.
The reform program should never be influenced by individual political concerns. Changes in the government should never be allowed to disrupt this program; its strategy must be constant and stable.