26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 16-4-98. [Archives:1998/16/Press Review]

April 20 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces)   Main Headline:
1- The President discusses bilateral relations and Middle East peace process with visiting German Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.
2- Officials deny intention to form a new government.
3- Due to delay of rainfall, the President calls on the people to perform prayers for rain after the regular Friday prayers.
4- Council of Ministers ratifies amendments to diplomatic corps law.
5- Ministry of Transportation studies plans for 3 new ports in Shabwa, Hadhramaut and Mahara.
6- Official source: No normalization with Israel before achieving full peace and the return of all occupied Arab lands.
Article Summary:
By Dr. Abdulrahman Jamel
Education is the most important investment in human resources. The first step to reform the education system was already made by the Minister of Education by conducting comprehensive surveys to diagnose the maladies and establish essential databases. The second step is to remedy the teachers’ conditions; materially, psychologically and socially.
A national conference must be held to discuss education issues and draw plans for the future. Education is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Education, but of all society. The low level of education in Yemen must be fully addressed in order for the development process to succeed.