26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 16-7-98. [Archives:1998/29/Press Review]

July 20 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces)   Main Headline:
1- The President commends the development in Yemeni-US relations and the US assistance in demining efforts.
2- Vice-President distributes 350 ownership deeds for new fishing boats as compensation for fishermen who lost their boats in Hadhramaut, Shabwa, Mahara and Socotra.
3- Central Organization for Control and Audit refers 35 cases of embezzlement to the Public Funds General Prosecutor.
4- Foreign Ministry source denies reports on dividing Hunaish Island between Yemen and Eritrea.
5- Aden Security Boss: “Mercenary agents are behind the recent explosions in Aden.”
Article Summary:
Reform Apprehensions
By Iskander Al-Asbahi
Yemen is not the only country in the world to implement a reform program. It goes without saying that comprehensive reforms are liable to be accompanied with some burdens to be fairly, which need to be borne and shared. The burden would have been far greater had the reform not been introduced, should it not be completed.
The reform program must be clear, extensive and integrated. The people must clearly know its aims, otherwise it will be misunderstood. Being suspicious of the intentions of international organizations such as the World Bank and the IMF will serve no purpose.
The real challenge is to efficiently utilize all available resources and manpower to make the reform program a success.