26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 19-3-98. [Archives:1998/12/Press Review]

March 23 1998

(Yemeni Armed Force)   Main Headline:
1- In his address to Arab parliamentarians, the President said: “We have to forget the past and learn from our mistakes.”
2- The President receives representatives of Djibouti, Palestine, Jordan, and Iraq.
3- The President headed a ministerial meeting to discuss swift measures to turn Socotra island into a free-trade zone.
4- Arab parliamentarians in Sanaa call for halting normalization of relations with Israel and for lifting sanctions off Iraq.
Article Summary:
Ancient Dam Discovered
A statement made by the Director of Antiquities in Yemen indicated that an ancient dam dating back to the 8th century BC was discovered when a farmer in Ardh Al-Janatain, Mareb, was preparing his land for planting. The dam is in the form of a high wall of honed rocks. It is part of a series of other dams that used to divert the course of torrential floods in order to store the water for the dry season.