26 SEPTEMBER: Sana’a (Weekly) 2-10-97. (Yemeni Armed Forces) [Archives:1997/40/Press Review]

October 6 1997

Main Headlines: 1) The President Expresses his Appreciation for Services Provided By “Impact” Society for the Blind In Yemen 2) Military and Youth Parades Held in Various Governorates To Celebrate 35th Anniversary of September Revolution 3) Headed by Prime Ministers of Both Countries, The Supreme Yemeni-Egyptian Joint Committeeto Hold its 4th Meeting at Beginning of November. 4) Vice-PresidentInaugurates Emergency Electricity Project and Lays Foundation Stone for Terrestrial Communication Station in Mukalla. 5) Medical Cooperation Agreement Signed by Yemen and Several American Organizations Article Summary: The Imam’s Missionaries by Yahya Al-Sadmi After the 1993 parliamentary elections, the Yemen Socialist Party, which did not fare well, started employing sectarianism to subvert the stability of the country in preparation for secession. For this purpose, the YSP used 3 types of divisive factors: tribalism, sectarianism, and religious denominationalism. They tried to revive sectarian hatred buried since the days of the Imam. Money was paid to several groups belonging to each of the above types. Special squads from the YSP were assigned the tasks to liaiase with these groups. They failed but still have some of their cohorts trying to inject their poisons into society.