26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa (Weekly) 20-11-97 [Archives:1997/47/Press Review]

November 24 1997

(Yemeni Armed Forces) Main Headlines: 1- The President expressed condolences to Egyptian President for Luxor massacre 2- Inflation is down to less than 5% and annual real growth at 5.5% 3- Council of Ministers discusses report on development requirements in Hajja 4- Several suspects in Aden car bomb explosions were arrested, and modern surveillance equipment seized Article Summary: Mahra Saboteurs The East Sanaa court is continuing its hearing of the case in which 32 men are accused of acts of sabotage in the Governorate of Mahra. A large arsenal of weaponry was seized in connection with this case. Among these were explosives, modern military communication equipment, Russian-made SAM 7s, US-made Strella anti-aircraft missiles, grenades, and submachine guns. The accused have all confessed their involvement in various acts of sabotage, attempted assassination of high-ranking officials, bank robberies, and other acts of violence. The court chose three lawyers to defend the accused men who also confessed to collaborating with foreign parties.