26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 20-8-98. [Archives:1998/34/Press Review]

August 24 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces)
Main Headline:
1- The President receives the out-going Iraqi ambassador.
2- The Vice President visits areas affected by the recent heavy torrential rains.
3- Yemenis living in Kenya donate money to help victims of the bomb blast at the US embassy.
4- The Council of Ministers endorses a number of steps to promote internal tourism and develop scuba diving.
5- The Yemeni-Omani joint committee is to sign 6 agreements of cooperation.
6- New oil deals covering 4 blocks are to be signed by the government and Canadian Occidental within the next few days.
7- 500 plots of residential lands are handed to members of Air Squadron 67 and Air Defense 140.
8- Printed in Germany, a 1000-riyal bank note is to be released into circulation soon.
9- The governor of Sanaa forms a special emergency committee to assess flood damages.
Article Summary:
Foxes Sold
By Awas Qayid Saif
This is not a Yemeni fantasy. It started with a Western-educated Yemeni engineer fantasizing in a qat-chewing session. He indicated that foreign tourists coming to Yemen are prepared to buy live foxes at $1,000 a head. “There is a material that cures AIDS secreted in the bodies of Yemeni foxes,” he explained. He “business” idea was quickly taken up by a simple villager.
The villager spent three whole month to entrap five foxes alive. He told the engineer of his fortune, who immediately rented a car for YR 15,000 to take the foxes to Sanaa.
The villager’s offers to sell a fox for $1,000 were met with laughs and derision by the foreign tourists he approached. The moral of the story is that abject poverty make some people behave in an irrational way.