26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa (Weekly) 23-10-97. [Archives:1997/43/Press Review]

October 27 1997

(Yemeni Armed Forces)
Main Headlines: 1) The President Starts Official Visit to France 2) Arab Monetary Fund to Provide $85 Million Loan to Yemen 3) Minister of Petroleum: “The increase in diesel prices will help implement utility and development projects.” 4) Several Kidnappers of Foreign Tourists to Appear in Court Article Summary: A Scheme for a Society Without Qat by: Iskander Asbahi To gradually eradicate the habit of chewing qat, the following can be done. 1- Using pesticides in qat growing must be strictly prohibited. 2- Very strict regulations must be imposed on the irrigation of qat farms so as to avoid the depletion of underground water. 3- Qat sold to the public must be clean of dirt in accordance with pre-determined health regulations. 4- Taxes must be imposed on qat growing, sale, and consumption – the levied money can be used to finance social security projects. 5- Qat chewing must be prohibited in public places and government offices. 6- TV scenes of qat chewing must be prevented, and a public awareness media campaign be executed.