26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 23-4-98. [Archives:1998/17/Press Review]

April 27 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces)  News Review:
1- The President praises the WHO assistance to Yemen.
2- The President expresses his appreciation of the German support for development in Yemen.
3- Council of Ministers ratified draft resolutions to re-organize 3 official newspaper establishments.
4- Receiving Yemeni ambassador to Washington, US Centcom Commander, Gen. Zinni emphasized the importance of strengthening ties with Yemen.
5- Yemen & Eritrea move closer together, expecting a decision on Hunaish Island soon.
6- Yemen signs with other Arab countries an agreement to combat terrorism.
7- Elections in 4 vacant constituencies were conducted in a wholly democratic atmosphere.
8- Deductions of up to 90% of customs duties on imported cars (’82 models and older) and 20-30% on new models were announced by the Customs Authority.
9- 5 new laws are to be enacted to organize the medical and pharmaceutical professions.
10- Minister of Labor: A large number of exemplary workers will be awarded prizes on Labor Day.