26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 28-5-98. [Archives:1998/22/Press Review]

June 1 1998

(Yemeni Armed Forces)  
Main Headline:
1- The new governor of Al-Jawf is sworn in before the President.
2- At a cost of YR 763 million, the new building housing the Central Organization for Control and Audit is opened in Sanaa.
3- The Vice-President opens and lays the foundations stone for 26 projects in Ibb, costing more than YR 3 billion.
4- The government’s statement to parliament stresses the continuation of the reform program.
5- The Prime Minister: “Washington has never asked for military facilities in Yemen.”
Article Summary:
Ministry of Interior Activities
The security forces have been able to arrest the perpetrators of the latest Aden bomb explosions during the last few days. In a recent statement, the Minister of Interior, Staff Let. Gen. Mohammed Hussain Arab said that the 3 arrested have already confessed their crimes, and will be referred to the prosecutor next week.
He also mentioned that 5 men are detained in connection with the bomb explosion at Al-Khair mosque in Sanaa last month.
On another level, the Minister stated that a BBC crew is referred to the prosecutor for violating the laws of the land by trying to illegally collect information and film in Mareb.