26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 30-4-98. [Archives:1998/18/Press Review]

May 4 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces)   Main Headline:
1- Extensive local and Arab interest is expressed in the interview with the President by the Jazeera satellite TV channel.
2- The President accepts the resignation of prime minister Faraj Bin Ghanim, and assigns Foreign Minister Al-Iryani to be acting premier until a new government is formed.
3- Ministry of Interior demands new and stricter legislations to deal with kidnappers of foreign people.
4- Parliament commissions its Human Rights and Liberties Committee to investigate the Mukallah incident.
Article Summary:
Public Anger in Hadhramaut
People in Hadhramaut have expressed their outrage at the subversive behavior of the leaders of some opposition parties. Prominent figures in the governorate have called for putting the leaders of the Socialist party to trial for their role in inciting people to violence.
A security source in Hadhramaut pointed out that the Hadhramaut authorities gave their initial permission to the demonstration to go ahead. But some political parties started distributing leaflets asking people to protest against the “rigged elections of 1997, which were a declaration of war against the southern part of Yemen.” The governorate’s authority then tried in a very civil manner to dissuade the organizers from going ahead with their planned demonstration.
During the demonstration, senior Socialist party official, Hassan Ba-Awm fired several shots from his pistol that were accompanied by other shots fired from the nearby Socialist part offices. Some people then attacked and fired at the police and security forces, which were trying to stop the demonstrators.