26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 4-12-97. [Archives:1997/49/Press Review]

December 8 1997

(Yemeni Armed Forces)
News Review: 1- Addressing Ibb mass rally, the President: “I tell all those who remain abroad, the country is big enough for all. Let’s forget the past and make a new start.” 2- The President stresses the importance of close financial scrutiny of public spending and the need for decentralization. 3- Yemeni-Cuban committee signs youth and sport cooperation agreement. 4- New contracts are signed to sell Yemeni oil in European and Asian markets at 10 per barrel higher than current price from beginning of 1998. Article Summary: Cache of Arms & Explosives Uncovered A senior security source has on December 3rd in Aden announced the discovery of a large cache of weapons and explosives as well as a car loaded with explosives ready to be detonated. The cache consisted of 13 boxes of T.N.T each weighing between 25kg and 30kg. Security information indicated the presence of other such caches, the source said.