26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 4-6-98. [Archives:1998/23/Press Review]

June 8 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces) 
Main Headline:
1- Visiting army units, the President: “Our armed forces are an instrument of development, peace, and guard independence and sovereignty.”
2- Yasser Arafat visits Yemen.
3- The President sends a message of condolence to the German people and government on the death of more than 90 people in a train crash.
4- Parliament ratifies sanitation and landlord/tenant laws.
5- Yemen is in favor of an expanded Arab summit to face up to Israeli intransigence.
6- $305 million is allocated for the Social Safety Net during next 5 years.
7- “Arab Contractors” of Egypt studies plans to construct 1,000 residential units for people with limited income in Sanaa.
8- A $1.5 million Japanese grant is provided to study oil sedimentary beds and train Yemeni cadres.

Article Summary:
Frank & Balanced Program
By Ibraheem Al-Ashamwi
The program submitted by the new government is characterized by frankness. There are no unreasonable promises, instead, an accurate and practical description of Yemen’s political, economic and social conditions is given and the appropriate solutions suggested.
Items on the agenda include institution building, democracy and political plurality, respect of human rights, freedom of the press, protecting public funds and property, and other crucial issues. A comprehensive reform program will be implemented.
Yemen needs an administrative revolution through the proper enactment of laws. Delays in reform implementation can only lead to an economic catastrophe.