26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 5-2-98. (Yemeni Armed Force) [Archives:1998/06/Press Review]

February 9 1998

Main Headlines: 1- The President is to visit Malaysia, China, & Indonesia. 2- The President received a message from the French President delivered by the visiting French Minister of State. 3- The President calls for exposing the wrongdoers ‘whatever their position or status.’ 4- Police arrested 3 gangs of car thieves & hashish smugglers. 5- Minister of Industry heads Yemen’s delegation to the Geneva conference to encourage investments in Yemen. 6- Iran to provide scholarships for Yemeni students. Article Summary: Political Party Survey – By: Ibraheeh Al-Ashmawi ‘What is your favorite political party?’ was one of the questions addressed by the Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies in a poll that covered 729 people in Sanaa. The center adopted a modern scientific method in formulating the questions and analyzing the collected data. Despite the sensitivity of this subject, the poll got quite frank answers. The sample consisted of students (48%), public employees (14%), businessmen (6.2%), artisans, craftsmen, taxi drivers, and others (12.2%). Of the people surveyed, 80.4% were male. The poll showed that 36.2% of the surveyed people are partisans, while, 63.8% are independent. About 55% of the people supported the People’s General Congress, followed by Islah with 32%, Nasserite parties 4.5% the Socialist Party 2.3%, Al-Haqq Party 2.9%, and  the Ba’ath Party 0.7%. The poll did not, however, ascertain the reasons behind these people’s choices.