26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 8-1-98. (Yemeni Armed Forces) [Archives:1998/02/Press Review]

January 12 1998

News Review: 1- The President met US Senator Specter who commended Yemen’s democratization process, and stressed the US commitment to develop its ties with Yemen. 2- The Supreme Judicial Council is to discuss the judicial reform plan during Ramadhan, it aims to modernize the Supreme Court and the judicial inspection organ. 3- A law to regulate tenant-landlord relations will be issued and several civil works projects will be implemented during 1998. 4- Foreign Minister Al-Iryani: “Yemen is very serious in resolving the border problem with Saudi Arabia, and the kidnapping of foreigners is part of a grand scheme.” 5- US Embassy spokesperson denied issuing any new warning by US State Department to US citizens in Yemen, as published by Al-Thawari weekly. 6- The Syrian prime suspect in the Aden bombings, Nabeel Qoseibati, entered Yemen as a student at the Science & Technology University. 7- Starting from January, public employees, and army and security personnel are to receive 10% salary increase. 8- Yemen is to sign security agreements to combat terrorism with Oman, the UAE, Qatar, and Syria. 9- The Canadian Calgary oil company signed a PSA to drill for oil in Block 43 in Hadhramaut.