26 SEPTEMBER: Sanaa weekly, 9-7-98. [Archives:1998/28/Press Review]

July 13 1998

(Yemen Armed Forces)   Main Headline:
1- Vice-President attends celebrations of the graduation of several military classes at Salahudin Barracks.
2- The Council of Ministers agrees to establish diplomatic ties with Macedonia and the Vatican.
3- Minister of Foreign Affairs: “Yemen has submitted sufficient documents to prove its sovereignty over the Hunaish Island.”
4- The World Bank is to provide $60 million for electricity projects and $35 million for water and sewerage projects.
5- 200,000 people stand to benefit from the Social Care Fund by the end of this year.
Article Summary:
Democracy & Anarchy By Abdulqawi Al-Amir
The difference between democracy and anarchy is the difference between constitution-guaranteed freedom of expression and acts of sheer violence punishable by law. What happened in this country started as peaceful demonstrations by people protesting the rise in prices. Malicious and hateful elements, however, infiltrated the protesters and perverted the peaceful demonstrations into acts of violence and looting.
Damaging public property harms the whole nation. The infiltrators aimed to create a state of total anarchy, fear and pillage. They wanted to provoke the police who were there to protect the demonstrators into rash reactions that could have resulted into blood shed.
The police, however, responded with full awareness and confidence, trying to avoid any bad reactions. The infiltrators failed to create a divide within the one people.