26 SPETEMBER: Sanaa Weekly, 27-11-97 (Yemeni Armed Forces) [Archives:1997/48/Press Review]

December 1 1997

Main Headlines: 1- The President meets Ministry-of-Defense personnel, promotions to the rank of brigadier authorized and pension law enforced. 2- Yemeni-Russian Friendship Association Launched. 3- Oil production in East Shabwa field will start on December 18th with 20,000 bpd. 4- YR 4 million extra for Social Security fund during 1998. Article Summary: One Virtue of Colonialism – By: Abbas Al-Deilami Almost everything in life, including colonialism, has its virtues and vices. What is the silver lining in the British occupation of southern Yemen? If it were not for them, about 50% of Yemen’s folklore songs would have been lost forever. The British were instrumental in creating three record companies in Aden – Odeon Company, Aden Crown Company, and Jaafar Phone Company recorded more than 300 classical songs.