26_September [Archives:2003/632/Press Review]

April 21 2003

17 April 2003
Main headlines:
– President Saleh: By elections we build for a better future
– We urge all to practice their election right
– Consultations for holding Arab foreign ministers conference to study Iraq situation
– Council of ministers sends heads of ten establishments and state companies to investigation
– 35 thousand local and foreign overseers, central room and internet site to follow up elections process
– Death sentence for nuns' killer in Hudeida ratified, trial of killers of Jaralla Omar and Jibla hospital doctors begins
– Effective measures to ensure streamlined elections process under calm and stable atmospheres
– New Japanese ambassador to Yemen

Political editor of the newspaper says it is not strange for the Iraqi regime to collapse before the American military and that the result of the American-Iraqi military confrontation to be in its known results. Some facts should be remembered in analyzing what has happened. First the American military capability could not be faced by other military power in the world today. This American military might is not attributed only to the materialistic and technological superiority and strong economy alone, but also that the military power has become in the hands of politicians whose only concern, while implementing their plans, is not to abide by the international law, UN conventions or to respect human rights values and sovereignty of states. The second fact is that the American diplomacy has become with limited capability of imposing its vision on events and drawing up a strategy for the American policy restoring its political and democratic effect and credibility of committing to principles of the international law, UN charter and principles of human rights. The third point is that as it has been expected that the aggression on Iraq represents a beginning for a comprehensive change in the region to be dictated by force. Introduction of this policy is what has really happened on the ground with regard to threats to Syria which is being stepped up by Washington and repeated in London and Sydney. The fourth fact is that success of the American policy of force in Iraq and the international incapability of facing it has led to a way of American dealing with the world. America does no longer accept the other's opinion, refuses dialogue and sticks to its principle of he ''who is not with her he is against her.''