26_September [Archives:2003/637/Press Review]

May 26 2003

22 May 2003
Main headlines:
– In a political statement president Saleh: Unity in13 years, great successes and huge accomplishments
– Amnesty for the group 16, invited to return home and participate in building the country
– The president discusses with Oman sultan bilateral relations and developments in the region on telephone
– Salem Saleh Mohammed: Amnesty decision brave and wise
– Expatriates affairs minister, strengthening contacts with expatriates
Mr. Salem Saleh Mohammed, advisor to the president of the republic says in an article that the decision taken by the Yemeni political leadership on 22 May culminated struggle of the Yemeni people and formed a necessary response to aspirations of the people in Yemen and the people in the entire Arab world. It has also picked up and dealt with the changes and regional and international developments in success and rationality. The decision realized this goal in a peaceful democratic way. It is undeniable that while we are celebrating today, we are living a state of psychological division, between a state of sadness and pain especially on the Arab situations particularly after the American-British war on Iraq and its occupation and the Arab nation's state of frustration, division and acts of sabotage threatening stability of the region. We are happy for what it has been achieved in the parliamentary elections and deepening the democratic pursuit and building of the society's democratic institutions. We are happy about the achieved development and stability that has been reflected on the Yemeni foreign policy that scored great successes particularly with regard to the Yemeni -Saudi border agreement, settling the problem of Hunaish Island and sea borders and taking Yemen out of the circle of terror following the 11 September events in America.