26_September [Archives:2003/640/Press Review]

June 9 2003

5 June 203
Main headlines:
– Yemen welcomes the ''road map'', renews its support for an independent Palestinian state
– FM al-Qirbi: Yemen with the Palestinian choice, implementation must be without amendment or delay
– PM Bajammal discusses ''declaring Sana'a capital for Arab culture'' with leadership of culture ministry
– Praising bilateral relations, Indonesian vice president visits Yemen this year
– Interior minister visits Saudi Arabia soon to attend meetings of the higher commission for implementation of the border treaty
– Yemen renews its demands for handing over detainees at Guantanamo
– New appointments at Yemeni foreign missions
– American special forces in the Horn of Africa arrives in Sana'a
– A person threatening of killing journalists arrested
– Vice president opens & lays foundation stones for public services and development projects in Ibb.
Editorial of the newspaper is devoted to tackling the so-called road map between the Palestinians and the Israelis and the recent summits held in Sharm el Sheikh and Aqaba port of Jordan. He editorial says the Arab region is leading speedy events after the latest Iraq war and maybe in an attempt to remove the psychological impact and reactions among the Arabs and Muslims or to conceal the failure the occupying forces are facing in Iraq. It could be also assumed that these can be the beginning of the American presidential elections campaign and it is behind these political movements that urged president bush visit the region and hold the two summits in Sharm el Sheikh and the Aqaba. This step should be welcomed if the goal behind it is really the realization of comprehensive and just peace in the region and includes all the concerned parties, i.e. the Palestinian, the Syrian and the Lebanese so that the region will be able to close down the file of the conflict.
While we witness these movements and developments we should not be very optimistic regarding the Middle East crisis. We must not be too optimist to conceal the facts represented by the Israeli side hard-line stands and its hindering of all efforts aimed at the establishment of the Palestinian state and also Israel's desire that the Palestinian state be not fully sovereign. It is a matter Israel may try to through imposing certain conditions on the road map or fabricating crises and violence to hinder the peace process, as the Israeli government had done in the past with any American Palestinian rapprochement with regard to a solution to the Palestinian Israeli conflict. All these facts dictate on the United States and the quartet committee the responsibility for refusing the Israeli pressures and to oblige it gets committed implementing it without any changes.