26_September [Archives:2003/642/Press Review]

June 19 2003

12 June 2003
Main headlines:
– The president and Qatar's Emir stress consolidation of solidarity and Arab joint action
– At a discussion meeting the two countries express keenness of enhancement of bilateral relations
– PM Bajammal stresses improvement of living conditions, uprooting of wells of corruption and terror
– USD 3.8 million worth agreement to support a program on dealing with mines June 2003- December 2006
– Defense minister discusses joint cooperation with Malaysian ambassador
– Full program for receiving expatriates and Gulf tourists in summer
– 4327 traffic accidents in the past five months

Columnist Ahmed Nasser al-Shareef says before the American and British administrations' invasion and occupation of iraq under justification of its possession of weapons of mass destruction, posing a threat to the united states and Iraq's neighbors, the Arab information that reflects Arab regimes viewpoints was repeating like a parrot what the two American and British administrations were saying, in an attempt for deceiving the world and Arab public opinion. Then the Arab regimes could have been excused as their attitude could be explained as from their keenness on and fear for the people of Iraq, as was thought that Saddam Hussein regime was not dealing sincerely with disclosing weapons of mass destruction. The Arab regimes have exercised great pressure on the Iraqi regime to accept return of the UN inspectors and abide by the American conditions. Both American and British administrations were determined to launch an aggression on Iraq whether they found or did not find any weapons of mass destruction.
After the invasion and occupation of iraq and the proof of the false pretext of both bush and his satellite Blair, the Arab people and their public opinion were expecting the Arab rulers to be the first to arouse the issue of weapons of mass destruction that were used as justification for invading iraq and demand the American and British administrations to prove that. It is especially important if we take into consideration that the Arab rulers have played a great role in handing Iraq to the foreign forces to the weapons of mass destruction has been aroused in the American congress and the British common house in addition to various world media.