26_September [Archives:2003/644/Press Review]

June 23 2003

19 June 2003
The newspaper editorial says the feverish and escalated information and political campaigns launched against the two Palestinian movements of Hamas and Jihad are meant to be an attempt to attach the the accusation of terror to them. The main goal is to cover to the real terror the Zionist occupation soldiers are committing against the Palestinian people. Those forces have not spared any means and method of destruction and spilling blood of innocent Palestinian children and women. Their terror reaches to its most unsightly forms by carrying out assassination crimes against Palestinian political civilian leaders.Things are going on under circumstances of double standard and therefore all concepts are quite the contrary and give adverse meaning aimed at forcing the Palestinian people to offer concessions and surrender to the terrorist logic of Sharon. Those who are besieging the Palestinian struggle under accusation of terror have to, out of ethical and humane stand, condemn seriously the ugly criminal practices the Zionist occupation force are perpetrating everyday in the Palestinian territories.
It has become clear that the aim behind these feverish campaigns against Hamas and Jihad is not to establish peace and the Palestinian state, but to move the confrontation into a Palestinian-Palestinian war.